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Organic Food has higher nutritive value, free from chemical additives, and is sustainable. It’s natural, whole and unrefined and retains more nutrients than conventionally produced food. Not only is it free from the harmful effects of chemical pesticides and preservatives, it is also free from genetically modified organisms. With growing diseases and health concerns, people have opted for healthy eating through organic food. Organic food is suitable for elders, children, and pregnant mothers. It helps the immune system to fight various diseases without the use of supplements. Organic food is preferred for the safe environment practices to keep it clean and suitable for everyone.
Organic Foods are chemical free, without any pesticides, without any fertilisers, No GMOs. They are certified and that's why they are called Organic Food. Our food products are certified by Natural Organic Certification Agro (NOCA) Pvt. Ltd. Our entire range is sourced organically and that's why they are wholesome, unrefined and unadulterated i.e. No artificial colours or flavours. No artificial preservatives.
The ecosystem at SONA Pure Essentials works closely with farmers, beekeepers and rural village women with a mission to deliver 100% pure and authentic products of exemplary quality directly, right at your doorstep.The entire product range is proudly made in India and extracted according to Indian vedic traditions or grown in natural soil, hence richer in antioxidants and micro nutrients.
Organic food helps in improving immunity and improves your health. SONA Pure Essentials offers a wide range of immunity boosting products such as Moringa, Turmeric Powder, Spirulina, Gir Cow Ghee, Wild Forest Honey, Amla Powder, Herbal and Masala Tea. Each of these is packed with immunity building properties that help you to detoxify your body and thereby boost health. You can check out several Immunity Booster Foods
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