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Surabhi Gupta: Nurturing
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No woman was ever meant to FIT IN !

Before being a Co-Founder of an IT Company, a proud mother of two kids, an educationist and an entrepreneur, I am a big time optimistic person who dares to believe. I believe that every startup is a result of a DREAM which when fueled by Faith and Action becomes a Reality.

Everyone will certainly agree with the fact that a disciplined routine and healthy lifestyle makes you happier, healthier and efficient. This thought and the frequency of the surging health cases instigated me to turn my vision into reality.

Sona Pure Essential - Serving Nature’s Best To You , is my first step towards the idea. Our diverse product range is proudly made in India and extracted according to Indian traditions Wrapped in our signature eco friendly packaging. No added Preservatives, Certified Organic Products, Cruelty free and grown Naturally.

With an aim to give back to the community, Your each order contributes in empowering and creating a fulfilled life for our farmers, rural women and beekeepers. SPE is a passionate advocate for gender equality, Promoting Made In India and women's empowerment, actively championing causes that uplift and support every gender in the workforce.

Thank you for choosing us as your health partner

Healthy blessings your way!